Hello!  Thank you for stopping by!  I am 31 years young, and live in the up and coming, always fun city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  A few things about me and my blog:

I am a yooper, born and raised in the Upper Peninsula.  I grew up in an old two bedroom Finnish farmhouse with four other siblings–tight living quarters!  I ended up doing most tasks at the kitchen table–sewing, beadwork, embroidery, homework.  The kitchen became my favorite room in the house.  Our kitchen was teeny tiny so my mom always shooed us out of it so she could focus on getting a meal on the table.  I was only allowed in the kitchen while she was cooking if I sat on our old blue and white chair (that said “hyvaa paivaa” or “good morning” in Finnish) and read out loud to my mom.  When I was 10 I received a year-long subsciption to Hearth Song’s Cook It! Club and each month I received a new set of recipes to add to my recipe binder as well as a new utensil to use in the kitchen.  I was hooked.

It wasn’t until college that I started experimenting with healthy cooking and I had some real disasters in the kitchen (rubbery fat-free zucchini bread, I’m looking at you!).  It wasn’t until I started focusing on eating a whole foods diet that I really felt I found my niche.  I also discovered that if you use good, whole, fresh (preferably local) ingredients, food simply tasted better.

I grew up with the luxury of having a two-acre vegetable garden and that taught me how to cook a huge variety of vegetables into healthy dishes.  My mom raised us on vegetarian food and that taught me how many options are available in the non-meat world.  Although I am no longer completely vegetarian (I indulge in meat very occasionally), at home I cook only vegetarian meals for health, environmental, and taste preferences and that is what you will see here.  I am a vocal advocate for eating whole foods and most of the foods on my blog are entirely composed of whole foods ingredients.  There are few processed ingredients in my foods although I will occasionally use sugar if it simply works best in a recipe.

The recipes featured on my blog are in line with my efforts to eat clean, delicious food so I can be healthy and full of life!  I hope you enjoy the recipes–I wish we could have dinner together!


9 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Vinita–thanks so much for the comment and the follow! I just checked out your blog and am so excited–I have been thinking about doing a vegetarian Indian meal for friends soon–thanks for the inspiration and looking forward to reading your posts.

      1. Thanks Aura! M glad that you would try something from my blog! Would love to help if you need!

  1. Hi Aura! I need little help of yours! Am new to baking and I ‘m going to buy an oven or microwave. I want to bake cakes and stuff. Can you please guide like what to look while buying it and also can you please tell which oven do you use?

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